Do you want to follow Jesus where he is leading you?

Will you let him change your heart, and will you be part of bringing his Kingdom to the world? Discipleship Training School is for those who are longing to go deeper with God – to know Him and to make Him known.

Impact Society DTS will focus on living close to God while being present in society. Jesus calls his friends to be in the world but not of the world. Relevant, faith-filled teaching, along with personal follow up and practical experience, is part of the learning process in DTS. This takes place in a community where we live, learn, worship and work together.

The school consists of a lecture phase and an outreach phase

During the lecture phase we go deeper into topics important for life with God. About hearing His voice, understanding who He is, knowing Him as a father. About understanding who you are and how you can follow Jesus and be a light for him in the midst of our world. During outreach you get the chance to put the teaching into practice. Together with others, you get to share the gospel about Jesus and about Gods Kingdom in a different part of the world.


  • Grow in personal relationship with God
  • Grow in hearing and following God’s voice as you love and serve those around you
  • Gain a heart for taking the Gospel to the unreached
  • Grow in your understanding of God’s call on your life
  • Gain understanding on how to make an impact for God’s kingdom wherever he has called you
  • Equip you to continue walking deeper with God, growing into the life He has called you to beyond DTS. You’ll be connected to a network of believers that is pursuing this as a community, and have opportunity to learn from their experience.

  • Character and nature of God
  • Hearing the Voice of God
  • The Word of God
  • Prayer and Worship
  • Missions and unreached people groups
  • Exploring your calling
  • Biblical World View
  • Sharing the Gospel

Welcome to Bergen

Bergen is the second biggest city in Norway, with a population of close to 280.000. The city is historically a centre for trade and cultural meetings between Norway and the rest of Europe. Bergen also has a central part in Norwegian missions history, and many have gone into missions from here. Today the city is an important university location, and a place where the future is being shaped.

YWAM Bergen is a pioneering base, started in 2015. We want to be a Jesus centred, network based community in the city. Together we want to equip each other to live as disciples of Jesus in all of life; in the family, at work, in church, in missions. As a student at Impact Society DTS you will be living in a collective together with our staff. We are an international community, with close connections to the Norwegian student community in the city.

Practical Information

The teaching will be in English, with personal follow up available in English or Norwegian.

The cost of the school will be between NOK 50,000 and 60,000, depending on outreach ticket costs.

Contact us:

Please contact us at if you have any questions, or want to know more.